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In a global economy that is becoming more and more dependent on knowledge, developing countries have no alternative but to upgrade their ability to acquire knowledge, produce knowledge and apply knowledge. Some will succeed while others will lag much behind. It is needless to say that the knowledge gap of today and tomorrow will have more of a negative impact than that of the digital divide.

Jordan has no option but to seize the opportunity before its too late. Our people have always proven that if they are given the opportunity they will come up with great and sound results; not only for Jordan, but for the region as a whole.

Thus, it is of urgent importance to create a conducive environment in which Arab scientists, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and students are given the opportunity to promote a knowledge-based economy by innovating and disseminating their intellectual wealth.

El Hassan Science City will be the means through which the above mentioned goal can be achieved. The El Hassan Science City will be a distinguished campus hosting the following exceptional entities:


The Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST): established in 1987, the HCST operates as a national institution that sets science and technology policies, strategies, plans and programs. The HCST also works on increasing awareness of the significance of scientific research and development and directing its activities toward developmental priorities.


The Royal Scientific Society (RSS): the RSS is the largest national applied research institution, consultation and technical service providers in Jordan. It was founded in 1970 as a not-for-profit body, containing 7 technical centers that house 38 laboratories that are nationally and internationally accredited, and employing more than 600 members of staff. The RSS has close cooperation ties with local, regional, and international organization and enjoys a robust ICT infrastructure.


The Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT): established in 1991, PSUT is a not-for-profit, national, and the only specialized ICT University in Jordan. It is being recognized locally, regionally and internationally as the pioneering and most advanced Arab university in the ICT fields. The most recent accomplishment of PSUT was represented through the highest scores attained by its graduates in the national proficiency test. Thus, being ranked the top for the second year in a row and topping all Jordanian universities. 

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