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The Higher Council for Science and Technology

The Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) was established in 1987, with the objective of building a national science and technology base that contributes to the achievement of national developmental objectives, by increasing awareness of the significance of scientific research and development through providing the necessary funding for such activities and directing R&D activities toward developmental priorities. The Council was also entrusted with the establishment of specialized centers for R&D where appropriate, and representation of the kingdom in regional and international S&T activities and forums.

The Composition

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan Ben Talal is President of the Higher Council for Science and Technology. The Council is constituted of eight serving ministers, in addition to the President of the Royal Scientific Society, the Secretary General of the Higher Council, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Presidents of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, in addition to three other members in their personal capacity.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Ratify the general policies for science and technology and innovation in the Kingdom every five years to come, setting priorities, laying down programs and plans derived there from, and overseeing their implementation and evaluation.
  • Defining the priorities of scientific research in the Kingdom.
  • Contributing towards providing and preparing human resources, and the building of capacities and technical resources of the institutions of scientific and technological research.
  • Drawing up the strategies suitable for the development of scientific and technological potential in the kingdom and providing the scientific environment suitable for this purpose.
  • Supporting the institutions and units of scientific and technological research, and providing the necessary funding for the support of scientific and technological research, services and activities in the kingdom.
  • Participating in the supply and training of manpower, and upgrading the technical potential of scientific and technological research institutions.
  • Specifying conditions and requirements that should be made available in accredited scientific centers of excellence and working towards the assistance and development of such centers.
  • Ratifying the principles and basis upon which the Council provides financial aid to scientific and technological research, programs, services and activities to reach the aims of national policy in these fields.
  • Representing the Kingdom before Arab, Regional and International institutions and bodies concerned with science and technology.
  • Undertaking scientific and technological cooperation and concluding agreements related to scientific and technological research in collaboration with local, Arab, Regional and International organizations.

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